Secure payment

Payments on ProteckD are made by Credit Card, American Express, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Credit card payments are made on the Stripe platform, the main player in secure payment.

What is a secure payment?

A secure payment means that the transactions carried out on the Internet network are protected against unauthorized interception and also against unauthorized modifications and alterations of the original content of the data.

The data provided when entering your banking information such as the card number, the expiry date are encrypted before being sent to the payment server. They cannot therefore be intercepted and read as they are.

How it works ?

Step 1: You place your order on the site with payment by credit card.

Step 2: This payment request is transferred to Stripe's secure payment server.

Step 3: The server sends a secure form so that you can fill in the information necessary for the transaction (card number, expiry date, 3-digit code).

Step 4: The Stripe server queries your bank to verify the validity of the data communicated (existence and validity of the card as well as the creditworthiness of the holder) to obtain a debit authorization.

Step 5: The Bank transmits to Stripe the authorization or refusal of the payment and informs you. Regardless of the amount of the transaction, a debit authorization request is systematically sent to the cardholder's bank.

Secure data management: has no knowledge of your bank details, these being stored and secured on the Stripe server.

Banking transactions are secured by the Stripe solution which integrates strong authentication devices, data encryption according to the SSL protocol, HSTS and AES-256 encryption.

Stripe is PCI certified.

PCI certification is an international security standard that guarantees data security. Stripe benefits from the most recent developments to secure your electronic payments.

Finally, the payment page is signed by a recognized security certificate.